Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund

Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund

Donations of any amount are welcome:

The Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund, Inc.
Post Office Box 15463
Washington, D.C. 20003-0463

You may send donations directly
to the address listed above.
All donations go directly to the students.
All administrative costs are absorbed by
the Committee and Board of Directors.

Or you may contribute through
The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
to The Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund, Inc.,

As a federal government employee you may donate to The Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund, Inc. through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

CFC #66937

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The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is one of the largest and most successful workplace fundraising campaigns in the world. After years of public service, federal retirees may want to continue giving back to their community, country, and people around the world. Whether you are returning or pledging for the first time, participation in the CFC is a great way to extend that spirit of service, as the funds raised help those who need it most.

Retirees from the federal government may also donate through CFC. Here is the link to donate through The CFC Giving Portal.

Did you know that new legislation in 2020 allows taxpayers to deduct $300 ($600 for married couples) for qualifying charitable donations even when taking the standard deduction? Additionally, if you need to make a required minimum distribution from your retirement account, you can give to your favorite charities through the CFC! Pledge today at